Application for Cochlear Equipment

Associated fees for cochear implant assistance must be paid by applicant/patient to The Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation after patient/applicants doctor approves equipment needs. 

If we are able to make an equipment match and verify the applicant/patient needs with the doctor, the following administrative and processing fees will be need to be paid in full via the applicant/patient via Paypal before the equipment will be shipped/distributed. 

  • Application Fee -$50 administrative fee per application (Good for 12 months)
  • Battery/Battery Charger - $50 processing fee per item
  • Cochlear Implant Upgrade Kit - $1000.00 processing fee per item
  • Coli/Cable/Headpiece/Microphone - $60.00 processing fee per item
  • Controller - $300.00 processing per item
  • Ear Hook/Mic Protector/Phone Clip/Smaller Accessories - $10.00 processing fee per item
  • Cochlear Implant Processor - $500.00 processing fee per item
  • BAHA Processor-$500.00 processing fe per item
  • Other items - fees vary per item
  • Shipping and Handling - fees vary depending on box size and shipping destination.
  • Mini Mic - $100
  • Dry aid kit - $50.00
  • Phone clip - $100.00
  • Shipping fees are typically $20 or less. 

If address is incorrect, CIAF is not responsible for missing package

If you have already been awarded, or have sought cochlear implant equipment from another organization (such as the CNI), and are applying for financial assistance for surgical, hospital, or other CI related fees only, please do not apply. Your application will not be accepted.

*Supplies limited for Med-El

We cannot always accommodate the color choice