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Sealed with a Sound Program

The Auxiliary of the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association chose The Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation as benefactor of the auxiliary’s 2011-2012 philanthropic program called “Sealed With A Sound: Delivering Solutions to the Hearing Impaired.” Through this program, CIAF will receive financial support from the auxiliary’s fundraising efforts throughout the year. In addition, the auxiliary plans to promote the benefits of cochlear implants through various marketing efforts.

Lucretia Nobles, president of the auxiliary, said, “We chose the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation (CIAF) because, although the cochlear implants provide a great alternative to the hearing impaired, the process takes persistence, a thorough knowledge of your insurance, and a substantial financial commitment. CIAF offers support, through education, resources and networking, to people who need to know more about this life-altering technology. It can help anyone who suffers from hearing impairment, like our grandson who was born with a profound case of auditory neuropathy or people who have gradually lost their hearing over time. We hope the program ‘Sealed with a Sound’ shines a light on this important cause.”

CIAF is immensely grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to partnering with the Auxiliary in the upcoming year.

Click here to view press release.

CIAF would like to thank The Auxiliary of the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association. Click here to view video.

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