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Sharing Stories

First and foremost, the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation (CIAF) wants you to know you are not alone. Hearing impairment can cause affected individuals to feel alone. But, we understand, and CIAF is here for you. Visit the links below to read others’ inspirational stories as they work through the challenges of hearing loss and find new opportunities through cochlear implant technology. 

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Share Your Story 

CIAF wants to hear from you. Your stories of success can greatly influence and help others. Send us an email with your story to . Please note that CIAF reserves the right to publish any story submitted for use on this Web site or any other marketing materials or public awareness campaigns. Be sure to include the following information and feel free to include pictures. 

Sharing Stories

NOTICE: Provided in accordance with FTC guidelines - 12/1/2009
Testimonials posted to this Web site are the perspective of individuals who are successful and/or enthusiastic about their experience. Testimonials are not representative of everyone’s experience and only provide information about the individual’s experiences as to the point in time when they are provided. All testimonials are authentic and accurate. Testimonials may be edited for clarity or brevity. All claims have been documented and verified for accuracy. No one has been paid to share their stories here. Individual results will vary.

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