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Malinda’s Story

My daughter didn't receiver her CI until she was almost 10 years old. She had basically a profound hearing loss and used hearing aids for 7 years.  (She wasn't diagnosed until she was almost 3 years old, no newborn screening.)  Despite being late diagnosed she was doing well with hearing aids. She had great speech and was mainstreamed.  It was a hard decision, and my daughter was the one that decided she was going to have a Cochlear Implant.  I figured that we needed to give her the chance to hear more.  She had no other medical issues and so the surgery should not have complications.  My daughter did very well with surgery, and 4 days after the surgery she was back in school. We all waited for hook-up day.  I was hoping if we walk away with some hearing similar to her hearing aids, it was worth a try. Well, it sure was a miracle when my daughter was hooked up.  She immediately could hear more and loved her CI.  She heard rain for the first time, and the clock ticking.  She was constantly asking us what sounds were.  My daughter also has a brother that was one year old at the time, she was able to hear him say his first words and communicate with him easily.  Now, three years later, the two love to argue and I have to remind myself this is a good thing she can hear her 4 year old brother talking to her.

Arlys Jorgensen

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