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Martha’s Story

Oh what joy to being to tell my story! I'm a 63 year old profound loss woman. I have struggled with this loss for years, with Hearing Aids that didn't really do much good. I found myself exhaustingly tired, and withdrawing from social functions. And I'm a "people" person. My daughter told me about Cochlear Implants. Never heard of one. So got information from my hearing aid dispenser and made my appointment.

My evaluation went well, and Dr. said I would qualify for an implant and would do well with one. And would have qualified many years ago. I wanted the implant before I left the office, that day, right now! Was shown the actual Cochlear Americas implant, external and internal parts.

My clinic set up the needed appointments for my testing and MRI testing and eased the way for me. And when my insurance company denied approval, the clinic appealed on my behalf.

So, now I'm activated for two years, and has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. My activation was rough, but hung in there and finally all the jumble of sounds that was just that, sounds, started to make sense after three days, it took that long to identify a sound, it was a silver hand bell, it rang out crisp, clear and vibrated all the way out fading out. I cried, my friends, cried,  my next sound was the turn signals of the truck. From there each day brought me new sounds.

I still stop in my tracks at the songs of the birds. Can't believe those tiny birds can sing such beautiful music! I hear my footsteps on the carpeting; hear my dogs before I see them, as their tags jangle. Raindrops on the windshield. Plastic bags (well, actually can do without this sound).

And best of all, to hear my youngest grandchild of four talking to me, taking me under the dining room table telling me all the family secrets! We giggle together!

And now I've upgraded my external processor. Cochlear Americas works backward compatibility. I'm just a week activated with this new processor, so my brain is still adjusting. But still know I'm hearing even more and new sounds. And love my options of SmartSounds, giving me even better hearing in different listening situations.

I've seen first hand the back up of this fabulous company, as my BodyWorn Processor needed to be replaced. My clinic is a two processor clinic.

Wear my hair short and new processor is classy silver color. Processor shows, and got over the vanity part. People ask me about it and I'm so happy to tell them about it.

Music is richer and fuller and I'm beginning to understand lyrics more and more all the time.

Would encourage anyone who is even thinking of getting a CI to do so. Voices are individual and as I remember them. Thankfully I learned to speak as a child. Am told I speak clearer now.

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