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John’s Story

It started with two episodes of severe ringing.  Each time the ringing gradually went away. Friday morning, July 5th, the third time, I awoke to silence. Off to Vanderbilt to see the good Doctor David Haynes. After a few weeks of many medicines, steroids, shots to the ear drum (my personal favorite), etc... with no results, we starting talking about an implant. I was getting desperate ... sales and marketing is my gig.  My livelihood is based on my ability to effectively communicate with others. Remember, in sales ... an effective salesperson listens 80% of the time and talks 20%. Wasn't much listening going on. A great support group helped me through five, very tough months, prior to the January operation.

Surgery booked; implant installed; appointment with Bill Wilkerson Hearing Center (Susan Ambeg :) for mapping and activation. After a few tough weeks of adjustment, my brain started to catch on. Not the same hearing, and not perfect hearing, but I will say that the cochlear implant absolutely,without doubt put me back in the ball game.  Today, I lead a perfectly normal life and continue to be productive without limits.



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