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Mary Jane’s Story

I lost my hearing when I turned 40 years old.  I had normal hearing my entire life up until this point.  I woke up with vertigo one day and within one week lost my hearing in my right ear.  Left ear kept getting worse and doctors tried everything to save the left ear.  My doctor told me about cochlear implants and I was immediately tested and found out I was eligible. About 3 weeks after I had my surgery and was hooked up I lost the hearing in my left ear.

I had heard a lot about bilaterals and the success that people had with them. I decided about a year later to go ahead and have my left ear implanted after I was approved by my insurance.  It was the best decision I ever made!

I recently received the Freedom processor from Cochlear.  I traded in my processor for the Freedom which is the latest device from Cochlear.  I hear even better than I did before!  The Freedom was extremely easy to trade up to because of Cochlear's "backwards compatibility".  My internal device
works with the Freedom without any problems whatsoever.  Plus, the Freedom has rechargeable batteries that last me all day, approximately 16 - 18 hours, and is water resistant!  The "SmartSound" features really help me to hear in many types of environments.  I didn't think my hearing could
improve, but it really has!

I have had my right implant now for 3 years and my left for 2 years and I really love how Cochlear stands by their products.  They have helped me whenever I have had questions or concerns about my processors.  They are very quick in response and very reliable. 

Mary Jane Scherr

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