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Caleb’s Story...Continued

The Hoedebecke Story: 

If any of you have read the story of our son Caleb on this website, we need to update you with the good news that he now has bilateral implants! We have been so fortunate to have my insurance provider cover all of his first implant and related costs, with other assistance from Illinois Division of Specialized Care for Children reimbursing us for gas and food expenses for the many trips we have to make back and forth to St Louis, MO for mappings and other evaluations. When we learned that DSCC's policy does not allow for reimbursements related to bilateral implants because they feel that they are still experimental, we were faced with these extra costs on our own. With family and life changes at the same time, this was going to be a hardship, so I sought out the assistance of CIAF. We all know how expensive gas is these days and without the help of CIAF and Michelle, we would be struggling to afford all of these trips back and forth (as many as twice a week in the beginning). We truly think that this foundation is a blessing and appreciate the help that we were able to receive. We will continue to support the foundation in any way that we can and encourage others to do so, so that future families and individuals will be able to utilize their program. Thank you CIAF!

 The Hoedebeckes - Springfield, IL

Cari, Cory and Caleb

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