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The Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation (CIAF) relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to fund our mission.  All donors, unless otherwise requested, receive recognition on our Web site and receive a personalized Certificate of Appreciation.



We are trying hard to raise $750.00 for a new computer to automate and expedite our application process to help more people hear.

The demand for CIAF’s services has never been greater and we are working diligently to fulfill all of the needs in our community. CIAF is developing a Device Matching and Management Program (DMM) to help us properly match and maintain equipment we receive through the Trash to Treasure Program.

The DMM program is in need of a dedicated computer that will allow us to streamline our application program and properly log the hundreds of devices coming in throughout the year. CIAF receives a large quantity of donated equipment monthly for the recycling program and we have also have had a surge of requests, not only locally but throughout the entire United States. There is a lengthy 15 page application for a person wishing to be a recipient of a refurbished device or to receive repair assistance that is mailed to the foundation. Our volunteers then have the task of sorting through a variety of items to match the need.

As we are developing our Device Matching and Management Program, a computer dedicated solely to this program is necessary in allowing us maintain our applications and to properly inventory the cochlear equipment and batteries that we receive.

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