Application for Cochlear Equipment

Associated fees for cochear implant assistance must be paid by applicant/patient to The Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation after patient/applicants doctor approves equipment needs. 

Once we receive your equipment application, we will email an invoice to you. Once the invoice is paid (we do not accept payment from Insurance Companies), we will ship the items to you at the address provided.

If you are applying for an equipment upgrade or a processor, we will be in touch with you and your audiologist. Upon approval from your audiologist, we will email you an invoice. Once paid, the upgraded equipment or processor will be shipped to your audiologist so it may be programmed.

If we are able to make an equipment match and verify the applicant/patient needs with the doctor, the following administrative and processing fees will be need to be paid in full via the applicant/patient via Paypal before the equipment will be shipped/distributed. 

  • Cochlear Implant Upgrade Kit - $800.00 processing fee per item
  • Processor - $600 (Please list the Manufacturer type and which processor you need below) 
  • Rechargable Batteries (Choose color below) - $50
  • Cable Coil (Choose color below) - $50
  • Battery Charger - $50
  • Ear Hook - $13.50-$14.85
  • Mini Mic - $20
  • Remote Controller - $10
  • Wireless Phone Clip - $100
  • Wireless TV Streamer - $100
  • Dry Aid Kit - $39.97
  • Aqua Cable Coil - $50 
  • Aqua Sleeve - $10 
  • Aqua Plus Sleeve - $10

CIAF does NOT ship outside of the US