ciaf™ mission

Established in 2005, the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation (CIAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Springfield, Illinois.  The mission of CIAF is to raise awareness of how cochlear implants restore sound to the hearing impaired and to provide cochlear implant equipment to qualified applicants in need.


Organizations that may help deaf/HH
U.S. Citizenship required

Organizations that may help non-U.S. Citizens:

Cochlear Implant Companies

Cochlear Corporation


Advanced Bionics

Civic Groups:

  • Lions Clubs
  • Granges
  • Rotaries
  • General Federation of Women's Clubs (local chapters)
  • United Way
  • Churches
  • Schools (special funds or non-profit groups)
  • Senior Citizen Centers


Cochlear Implants and Social Security Disability Benefits:

  • Read pdf here* to see if you or your child qualifies.
    (*information supplied by the Community Outreach Manager for Social Security Disability Help.)

The National Transplant Assistance Fund
Fundraising assistance/guidance for families and friends of people who need transplants – including cochlear implants.

Let them Hear (sponsors traveling CI surgeons who perform surgeries through the world)

Quota International

Kids Hear Now
(305) 576-3006

Hearing Aids only:

So the World May Hear (Starkey Foundation)

Hearing Health 4 U

Hear the World Foundation

Hear Care Connection

Organizations specific to Mexico:


Oaxaqueño of Rehabilitation in Hearing and Language (CORAL)

Additional Resources