ciaf™ mission

Established in 2005, the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation® (CIAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Springfield, Illinois.  The mission of CIAF® is to raise awareness of how cochlear implants restore sound to the hearing impaired and to provide cochlear implant equipment to qualified applicants in need.


Organizations that may help deaf/HH
U.S. Citizenship required

Organizations that may help non-U.S. Citizens:

Cochlear Implant Companies

Cochlear Corporation


Advanced Bionics

Civic Groups:

  • Lions Clubs
  • Granges
  • Rotaries
  • General Federation of Women's Clubs (local chapters)
  • United Way
  • Churches
  • Schools (special funds or non-profit groups)
  • Senior Citizen Centers


Cochlear Implants and Social Security Disability Benefits:

  • Read pdf here* to see if you or your child qualifies.
    (*information supplied by the Community Outreach Manager for Social Security Disability Help.)

The National Transplant Assistance Fund
Fundraising assistance/guidance for families and friends of people who need transplants – including cochlear implants.

Let them Hear (sponsors traveling CI surgeons who perform surgeries through the world)

Quota International

Kids Hear Now
(305) 576-3006

Hearing Aids only:

So the World May Hear (Starkey Foundation)

Hearing Health 4 U

Hear the World Foundation

Hear Care Connection

Organizations specific to Mexico:


Oaxaqueño of Rehabilitation in Hearing and Language (CORAL)

Additional Resources